Nihonium. 115. Following earlier reports that the claims for discovery of these elements have been fulfilled [1, 2], the discoverers have been invited to propose names and the following are now disclosed for public review:. For naming any element, its existence must be proved by its discoverer. Disclaimer, Copyright The names all relate to their respective element, which aren't limited to just the main four (air, water, fire, earth) in this generator. Privacy policy      For a
element, the name attribute is used as a reference when the data is submitted. What you see as Uuo(Ununoctium) or Uus (Ununseptium) are the systemic names of the newly synthesized and not yet syntheseized elements. De links geven per onderwerp en per element de individuele karakteristieke eigenschap. View All. Nihonium (Nh) is het 113de scheikundig element uit het periodiek systeem der elementen. At the time, they all had temporary names and symbols - ununtrium (Uut), ununpentium (Uup), ununseptium (Uus), and ununoctium (Uuo) - but the tyranny of the Uus is finally over, because we now have some shiny new names … 75(8), 1107-1122, 2003. I've always wanted to know what these elements actually are. The name attribute specifies a name for an HTML element. Common Compounds: There are no known compounds. Like all artificial elements, it has no stable isotopes.The first isotope to be synthesized was 284 Uut as a decay product of 288Uup in 2003. The getElementsByName() method returns a collection of all elements in the document with the specified name (the value of the name attribute), as an HTMLCollection object.. Het is ontdekt in 2003 en voor het eerst gesynthetiseerd in 2004. I got thinking about how we name companies and products. (Redirected from Ununtrium) Nihonium is a synthetic chemical element with the symbol Nh and atomic number 113. For an